Monday, February 26, 2007

Nathaniel Hobbs

The Virginia Gazette of Nov 11, 1778 ran the following notice:

I Nathaniel Hobbs, of Dinwiddie county, do hereby certify, that in the month of May last my negro boy Tom received a kick from a stallion in the forehead, which deprived him of his senses from Sunday until Tuesday evening in which time he lost a quantity of blood, and many ounces of matter, supposed to be part of his brain, but the assistance of Dr. Thomas Stewart, of Dinwiddie, and his specifick balsam, he is now perfectly well, and as sward and sensible as ever. N. Hobbs

Dr. Thomas Stewart, was considered a mixed-race free black, who own a large plantation and several slaves in Dinwiddie County and would have been consider wealthy. His plantation is marked on Hardgrave's 1826 Map of Dinwiddie County, Virginia.

Any additional details on either Dr. Thomas Stewart, Nathaniel Hobbs, and 'specifick balsam' would be welcome.

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Anonymous said...

Thomas Stewart's will can be found at the LVA on #57 Dinwiddie County Wills. "At court 17 Sept 1810 last will and testament of Thomas Stewart was presented... will dated 22 Sept 1804 -- all my Negroe slaves not willed or given away and named as follows: Frank, Joe, Judy, Dinah, Doll, Abby, Patty, Ellick, Burwel, Little Jack, Harrison, Sally, Charlott, Ben, Little Judy and Old Milly be emancipated according to Act of Assembly directs and protected against the claim of all those who may in any wise claim....