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Dinwiddie County Slaves Freed After 1782

Dinwiddie County Slaves Freed After 1782

Found in Isle of Wight County records...

Thomas Newby freed his slaves Peter (30), Joe (40) on 4 February 1783, Jacob (32) and another Jacob to be free in March 1800 [DB 15:116].

Peter Newby was a "free Negro" taxable in Sussex County in 1784; Joseph Newby was a "F.N." taxable there in 1804; Jacob Newby was a F.N. taxable there in 1805 and 1806 [PPTL 1782-1812, frames 114, 627, 639, 667].

Isaac, Joe, Milly, Edy, Zilpha, Charlotte, Sally, Judy, and Amelia Newby were counted as "free Negroes" in the 1813 tax list for Isle of Wight County [Waldrep, 1813 Tax List]. Peter Newby and wife Nanny were FN's listed in Southampton County in 1813. In Dinwiddie County James Newby, a cooper, and wife Polly lived near Exeter Mill, Joseph Newby was a cooper, and Jonus Newby lived on Robert Hunnicutts land in 1813 [PPTL].

Found in Greensville County records...

13 December 1820, Judy Graves, emancipated by Richard Graves of Dinwiddie County, dark complexion, 45, 5'2-3/4" high. no.78

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Anonymous said...

Dinwiddie County Sct. [scilicet-towit], I do hereby certify that Tom (sometimes called
Tom Graves) aged about 35 years, dark complexion five feet five and one fourth inches
high, emancipated by the last will and testament of Richard Graves decd. [deceased] in
Dinwiddie County by occupation a planter a scar on the left side of his neck and a scar on
his right leg near the ancle (sic), is duly registered in my Office as a free person of colour,
number six hundred and ninety four, No. 694. In testimony whereof I have caused to be
affixed the official seal of the County afsd. [aforesaid] and subscribed my name as clerk
in my office this 5th day of January 1836 [1826?]. and in the 50th year of this

**SEAL** J.P. Crump C.D.C. [Clerk Dinwiddie County]
James Scott J.P. [Justice of the Peace] Recorded March [?]

Ayana Gray said...

I do hereby certify that Seth is twenty one years of Age he is a son of (Pat) who was liberated by our father Richard Graves as reference to record will make appear given under our hands this 21st, day of March 1836

George Graves
Robert Graves

Ayana Gray said...

July 21, 1854, No. 101
Seth Graves, 39 years, black, 5 ft 6 1/2 inches, Has a small scar on the inside of his left hand, born free in Dinwiddie