Saturday, July 12, 2008

Early Artisans & Mechanics of Petersburg Virginia

Writing a book entitled, "The Early Artisans & Mechanics of Petersburg Virginia, 1752-1860," would be happy to exchange data collected thus far, with anyone researching an ancestor who was either an artisan or mechanic in early Petersburg, such as a blacksmith, stonecutter, tanner, cabinetmaker, wheelwright, potter, physician, druggist, watermen, weaver, silversmith, watchmaker, gunsmith, saddler, soap & candle maker, wig maker, publisher, artist, book-binder, printer, lawyer, playwright, poet, rope maker, etc.... would welcome all additional data; Due out early 2009.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hiram Haines' Mountain Buds and Blossoms

Hiram Haines' book entitled,
Mountain Buds and Blossoms, Wove in a Rustic Garland.

Please Email me if you have a copy you would like to sell.