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Frederick Bonner

Frederick Bonner (M)b. 4 November 1758, d. 23 March 1830

Frederick Bonner was born on 4 November 1758 at Dinwiddie Co., VA.. He married Elizabeth Smith on 28 September 1779 at Dinwidde Co, VA. Frederick Bonner died on 23 March 1830 at Greene Co., OH. Frederick owned a plantation near Reams Station, Dinwiddie Co., VA and was a prominent member of the Methodist Episcopal church. In 1803 he settled two miles south of Xenia, Greene Co., OH from Dinwiddie Co., Virginia.

In 1802, after he had made a nexploratory trip to Ohio, they had assembled their wagon train of fifteen members, including a few blacks, at Petersburg, VA, thence through the Cumberland Gap to Cincinnati, then north-east to the Little Miami River and the into the Bullsiin Trail. He had owned slaves but was reportedly very much anti-slavery. The supposition is that he moved to Ohio as it was a free state.

This Bonner family traces its lineage back to Captain Thomas Bonner who in 1642 immigrated to the colony of Virginia and later settled at Reams Station. He came from Kent in England and the family was of Norman origin.

He served in the Revolutionary War and was given a grant of 5,000 acres of land in the Virginia Reserve of southwestern Ohio.

Child of Frederick Bonner and Elizabeth Smith
David Smith Bonner+ b. c 1780, d. a 1860
Elizabeth Smith (F)b. 23 April 1756, d. 23 July 1818Last Edited=8 Aug 2006
Elizabeth Smith was born on 23 April 1756 at Reams Station, Dinwiddie Co., VA.. She married Frederick Bonner on 28 September 1779 at Dinwidde Co, VA. Elizabeth Smith died on 23 July 1818 at Bonner Graveyard, Greene Co., OH.

Child of Elizabeth Smith and Frederick Bonner
David Smith Bonner+ b. c 1780, d. a 1860