Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sappony Church, VA

Capture/enslavement/re-enslavement of African Americans by Confederates
Sappony Church, VA
June 28, 1864

Defeated them at Sappony Church, about seven miles southwest of Dinwiddie Court-House; and at Ream's our forces attacked them in front and near, putting them utterly to rout, and making important captures, the most valuable of which consists of some hundreds of negroes, curried away from their owners by the Yankees on their expedition.

Additional Details
  • African Americans Involved: Many
  • African American Name: Not given
  • Slave Owner Name: Not given
  • Source Location: Richmond, VA
  • Newspaper: Richmond Daily Dispatch, July 1, 1864 [Untitled] Page 1 Column 1

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