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Early Artisans & Mechanics of Petersburg Virginia

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The Early Artisans & Mechanics of Petersburg Virginia, 1607-1860
The Building of a Multi-cultural Maritime Community
by Ronald Roy Seagrave

The Early Artisans Mechanics of Petersburg Virginia is a lavishly illustrated exploration of one of the South’s most historically significant cities. This scholarly yet accessible work examines the story of Petersburg through the records of those who built it—the individual artisans and mechanics that literally made Petersburg what it is today. Here are the enlightening stories and backgrounds of the carpenters, brick-layers, coopers, shoemakers, silversmiths, cabinetmakers, gunsmiths, publishers, bookbinders and so many more, gleaned from newspapers, periodicals, private letters and public records. From the town’s founding in seventeenth century through the American Revolution, Great Fire and Civil War, Petersburg emerges as a uniquely American city—where a stunning range of religions, ethnic backgrounds and economic levels came together to create a vibrant and important community.

The Early Artisans Mechanics is the ultimate historical reference for those interested in Petersburg’s roots, early-American society, or their own ancestry. And it’s a perfect companion for collectors, dealers and auctioneers.

     Seagrave is truly a historian’s historian. Michael D’Antonio, author of A Ball, a Dog, and a Monkey and Forever Blue.

     Seagrave is a wonderful researcher, an imaginative scholar, and a person who cares about the neglected field of local history. William C. McDonald, Ph.D., Professor of German, NEH Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Virginia
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