Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Petersburg's Celebration of the Centuries

Come celebrate four hundred years of Virginia history

April 25, 26 and 27, 2008 (times TBD)

Throughout the last four centuries, Petersburg has been at the crossroads of this country’s most pivotal events, from the time of the early native Virginians who lived here before Jamestown, through the City's participation in the War of 1812, to the epic battles of the Revolutionary War, Civil War, all the way up to World War I and the Civil Rights Movement. This festival will focus on Virginia’s earlier years, and reflect many of the areas of our history that people the world over have come to love about our state. Petersburg’s Old Towne and adjoining historic districts are some of the most visually striking examples of historic urban architecture in the nation. The area has been part of many historic events, and will provide an unparalleled backdrop for festival activities.

Visitors will be invited to:
Walk down streets where Revolutionary War battles were fought
Drink and eat food from various historical eras, dance to period music & play traditional children's games
Talk with reenactors and experience history come to life
Watch weapons demonstrations and old-time crafts being made
View buildings struck by artillery fire during the Civil War
Visit the village of Pocahontas - one of the most important centers of early African American life in the country
Stand next to the ruins of Peter Jones' Trading Post - a once bustling frontier trading center
Stroll along the Appomattox in American Indians' footsteps

The program will be put together in a manner that is tasteful, culturally inclusive, family-friendly, historically accurate, full of activity, and visually exciting. Over the coming months, the Old Towne Merchants will be looking for Traditional Artists and Craftsmen, Living Historians, Private Collectors and Exhibitors, Early American Demonstrators, Performing Artists and Educators who want to bring this important history into public view.

In an effort to create an event with the highest integrity, a committee will be formed to establish participant standards and guidelines.

The types of individuals and groups needed to make the festival a success include:

Craftsmen who recreate period trades in costume using authentic tools and techniques
Craftsmen who create works using traditional and natural materials in ways reflective of cultural traditions
Artists who focus on subjects of Regional, Natural, or Historic interest
Private Collectors and Exhibitors who display their collections in a manner consistent with modern museum values
Living Historians and Re-enactors, Military and Civilian, who are historically accurate and can communicate effectively with modern audiences
Performing Artists who specialize in historic and traditional presentation
Vendors who sell period appropriate wares and foods
Credentialed individuals or groups who can act as guides and docents
Horse-drawn carriage operators and other appropriate horse-culture related contributors
Early American Agriculture, Farming, and Early Industry hobbyists
Early American boating and maritime history hobbyists

If you have an interest in participating, sponsoring, or helping with this proposed event, please get more information by clicking the links below, or contact Old Towne Merchant’s Group.

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