Friday, November 16, 2007

American Colonization Society - Petersburg

I'm wondering if anyone can help by identifying any other individuals on these manifest as having once resided in either Dinwiddie County or Petersburg?

Ship Harriet's company, arrived at Monrovia March 24, 1829
Lists Joseph Jenkins Roberts as "J.J Roberts" and his family

Ship Carolinian's company, arrived at Monrovia December 4, 1830
Lists Thomas Day's brother John Day, "cabinetmaker" and his family. Thomas Day had been rised and born in Dinwiddie, before moving on to N.C.. where became N.C.'s most noted cabinetmaker prior to the Civil War. John spent his life in Liberia, doing God's work.

Roberts emigrated to Liberia with his widowed mother, two younger brothers, and two younger sisters in 1829. He established one of the most prosperous trading firms in Liberia. He was Liberia's first African American governor in 1841 and its first president in 1847 [Huberich, Political and Legislative History of Liberia, 1:770-71, by Wiley, Slaves No More].

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M. Tyler-McGraw said...

You have probably found this website by now, re Petersburg emigrants to Liberia.